MC Cider 2018

MC Cider 2018

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Hand crafted using 100% specific heritage cider Apples and handled with traditional methods. Fruit milled and allowed some pulp oxidation prior to separation over the rack and cloth press. Naturally settled and clarified before a long, cool slow ferment through to dryness followed by Malolactic ferment then triaged to bottle for secondary ferment and conditioning. 4 years lees time then disgorged and dosage with juice for sweetening.

Deep elegant colour gives the expectation of weight and richness, Complex and tannic cider with plenty of traditional style, Creamy textures throughout from maturing on fermentation lees, showing fresh rich sweet toffee Apple characters that sit well with a perfect natural acid balance.

Leaning on the Dryer style however drinks really round and with soft edges.

Enjoy on its own or with a wide range of food as a companion.

9.7% ALC/VOL