Flying Brick, ‘The Paddock’ & Encompass Cider

Flying Brick, ‘The Paddock’  & Encompass Cider

In partnership with ‘The Paddock’, Encompass Community
Services’ magical 7 acre farm in Leopold. 

Modern hard apple cider crafted from heritage and traditional apples grown at The Paddock. Back blended with some sweet, crunchy dessert apple and succulent pear fruit. 

Rich traditional apple character and weight. Solid natural tannins shine through in both texture and palate. A refreshing sweet/sour finish with lovely crunchy acidity. 

ABV 4.4%


Community collaboration. Sustainable practices. Opportunities for all abilities.

The Paddock is Encompass Community Services’ 7-acre farm in Leopold that provides a unique setting and fantastic opportunity for people of all abilities and backgrounds to explore new experiences and develop new skills. 

It is a leader in social and therapeutic horticulture; promoting a ‘paddock to plate’ lifestyle, passionately implementing sustainable practices in daily life.

Produce at The Paddock is grown spray-free using organic principles and sustainable food production practices. 

The Paddock grows and supplies seedlings to local farmers as well as seasonal produce to local cafes/restaurants whilst being an accessible and inclusive space for skills development and community skill-sharing. 

In partnership with Flying Brick Cider Co, The Paddock operates an apple cider orchard with more than 600 apple trees and 16 varieties of heritage apples. 


All at Flying Brick take great pride in the fact that our collaborative orchard and the resultant Encompass Cider is playing a small role in 

helping to shape sustainable local communities and provide universal opportunities for all  abilities. 

By enjoying one of these ciders, you will be too : ) 


The Paddock
Open Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm
21-29 O’Halloran Rd, (off Melaluka Rd)