Don’t Overthink New Years Eve


There’s always pressure on for planning a top New Years Eve. But high expectations for a great celebration can quickly fall apart when faced with huge bar queues or traffic chaos.

Check out our 5 step guide for a fab, fun New Years Eve...

  1. Chill. New Years Eve should be about celebrating with friends, family and loved ones, a year done and new year full of possibilities
  2. Pick a single location. Moving around from bar to bar cost you time and energy. Taxis and Ubers will be in high demand, so pick a location and plan to stay there
  3. Head home early. Beat the rush and hit the road around 11pm. You’ll have enjoyed a top night out and be home to toast New Years Eve without any chaos.
  4. Don’t wing it on New Years Eve. Make sure you reserve a table at your chosen destination.
  5. Hydrate. New Years Eve is fab, but if you want to join in any New Years Day celebrations and activities, then keep hydrated and you’ll be looking in top shape for a New Years Day celebration!

At Flying Brick we’re keeping New Years Eve simple, low key and stress free.
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Happy New Year!