Chimera Apple - Million to One


Chimera Apple - Flying Brick Cider Craft Cider Chimera Apple Discovery Bellarine Peninsula


Word is quickly spreading about a very unique discovery on the Bellarine Peninsula this week. Flying Brick cellar hand Rohan Nunan discovered a million to one chimera apple at Jack Rabbit Vineyard. The winery is surrounded by beautiful grape vines and sweeping bay views, however a quick wander around the property and you soon discover a few apple trees growing along the fence line. It's on these trees that the unusual discovery was made.

“Apparently, it’s a one in a million chance of grafted apples growing like this,” believes Jack Rabbit Vineyard owner Lyndsay Sharp.

Nyall Condon, Cider maker at Flying Brick Cider said the apple has grown from a grafted tree and looked as if someone had cut two different varieties in half and stuck them together.

So what's planned for the unique apple? “It’s going into the next batch of Flying Brick Cider ‘PAV’, pear and apple cider, which will be crafted by Flying Brick Cider Maker Nyall Condon.”

It seems the phenomenon is indeed a rare occurrence with only a handful reported  worldwide. Including one in 2009, by Fruit Grower Ken Morrish in the UK which like this Bellarine Peninsula discovery, has a perfect line down the centre of the fruit.