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Pure, clean & fresh.

An easy choice for a delightful and satisfying drink now beverage on a hot day.

Opulent golden straw in colour and a fine, delicate bead. Lovely vanilla notes shining through on the nose. A playful creaming soda-like toffee complexity upon the palate and loads of fresh apple sweetness.                                              











Pear Cider | Flying Brick Cider | Bellarine PeninsulaPEAR CIDER




Light, crisp & delicate.

Uncomplicated and pure, an enjoyable drink for any occasion, anytime.

A delicate, pale straw appearance. Subtle, succulent pear notes across both nose and palate unashamedly denote this cider's origins. A lively, dryer cider style showing vibrant, natural acidity alongside luxurious fruit on the palate. Cleaning up beautifully on the finish - leaves you wanting more.  


Pear Cider Awards Bellarine Peninsula Cider



Rich, big & generous.

Warm honey/toasty display. This daring cider sees big, bold red apple varieties leaping out of the glass.

A perfect balance of fruit, acid, tannins and alcohol ensure this cider pours with a perfect 'moosey' head every time with great mouth feel and finish.


Draught Cider Awards | Flying Brick Cider



Pachinga lovers you asked for it! It's back by popular demand but be quick, it's a limited run.

Pear.  Chilli.  Lime.  Ginger.  

Our beloved Pachinga goodness has been canned for a second run.

Co fermented chilli, lime, ginger and pear, this sublime cider is possibly the most refreshing Summer beverage with a cheeky back palate kick.  Vibrant, fresh and zesty with a cheeky chilli kick on the back palate. 

All natural ingredients.  No artificial colours, flavours or sugars.

Slightly cloudy, always fine – obsession is one taste away!


MC Cider

A truly indulgent cider. Hand crafted from 100% specific heritage cider apples and traditionally crafted. Milled with some pulp oxidation prior to separation over the rack and cloth press. Naturally settled and clarified before a long, cool ferment through to dryness followed by malolactic ferment before being triaged to bottle for secondary ferment and conditioning.

More than 6 months lees time then disgorged and dosage back with the original apple juice for sweetening.

The deep elegant colour heralds the ensuing weight and richness of this magnificent reserve cider. Complex and tannic, an abundance of traditional style convenes alongside creamy textures throughout, the result of maturing on fermentation lees. Rich, sweet fresh apple characters and perfect natural acid balance. Although leaning towards the dryer cider style.

A lovely round palate with elegant soft edges. Best in Class – Australian Cider Awards 2016 

Enjoy on its own or with a wide range of food as a companion.

MC Cider

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